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About Us

“Everything we at Body Goals Club believes in is the daily goal to create a better version of ourselves. The small steps that are leading to the big goals, and in achieving the big goals we find the love of life!”

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Our Story

Body Goals Club is a European brand founded in 2019...

… by a young and highly enthusiastic team of marketers, designers and people in love with sports and care for our most valuable asset – our bodies.

At the end of our very first year, we have managed to create the most recognizable and preferred textile bands in Bulgaria, becoming the leaders on the local market as a result of our high quality products, attention to detail, original approach, and feminine and modern design. Thousands of women, sport clubs and coaches have joined the Body Goals movement and are now training with our bands. Since our foundation to this day, we are only receiving positive feedback from all of our customers.

In the beginning of 2021, we have introduced our products in over 23 European countries through our partners. They have found our bands as the perfect addition to their product portfolio and since then the positive rating continues to grow from girls all across Europe.

In the beginning of 2022, we are ready to present our newest product – World’s First & Only Smart Bands at the USA, CA and AU market as a start. We believe that these bands will start the revolutionary wave in smart training accessories and present a new way how to train anywhere, anytime!

The Favorite Bands of the Girls from Italy Germany Bulgaria Spain Portugal Greece United Kingdom Belgium Croatia France Hungary Romania Slovenia Austria Czechia Netherlands Sweden